Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Me+ life= 23 year old woman with the personality of a 45 year old

He says to me, " Catwalq," (after a heated arguement) "I want to be regarded as the head of the household not because I beat (not literarily) my wife into a corner and command her to worship me but because she has taken a good look at me, assessed my strengths and weaknesses and has decided that yes XXXX (his name) is worthy of my heart and my devotion. That means, I have to have earned it through my actions and how I live my life not because I brow beat her into supplication (his words not mine. yeah, he is one of the book-ie ones). I want her to love me as I love her because I have earned her love."

I am thinking to myself, "Then why won't you give me a chance? I already think that about you, why won't you give me a chance? Matter of fact, why won't anyone?"

I am really hating always being the friend that everyone says will make a great wife, mother, cook, driver, bedmate...whatever-based-on-what-I-am-doing-at-the-time. Okay, so I am not so sold on the idea of the first three but damn, why must it be so hard.

This is what happens when you are twenty-three going on forty five.

I am going to get myself a soda.



Lonely Truth said...

eeeyahhh! i think i felt like this a few years ago. i must have been about 22. life is puzzling, isnt it? the truth is, he probably feels thesame way. the sad truth is he probably isnt the one and by the time you find that out, you might be 24, going on 48... hmm life is puzzling

100%Lighty said...

dont let his swagger push you to the ground. he seems a savvy one dont let that make u a sucker 4 love.

it could be that you dont communicate with him, this could be becuase you are content with him which he could be mistaken for you not caring. then you might just want to show him love in other ways like random kisses and a few compliments now and then. show appreciation and not weakness.

just take is easy sha! and dont beat yourself up with excessive thinking.

Omodudu said...

100% lightly una don come again o. Do not take that advise. Thats all I have to say.

100%Lighty said...

@ omodudu, u know thatz my opinion? was trying to look @ it from 2 point of views sha. who knows wotz up except her?

far as i know, this is just third party opinion, u can never guess it if u are not the one in the relationship.

and what exactly would you suggest to her?

Kpakpando said...

he's and asshole, you just don't know it yet. this is the truth belie dat homie!

But nne chillax small mehn, everything happens in due time, perhaps you haven't dealt with all the types of men you're supposed to deal with before you're able to start making better decisions about men.

what i wrote first is still the truth, all these angel in disguise oshis plenty sha.

Linda Ikeji said...

just tot to pop as see whats up...how u dey catwalq? babes relax, love will find u.

diary of a G said...

that man makes a very good point
I also think he is right
I can see a man trying his best

as for you...I get the impression you didn't fess up all your feelings for homeboy
if you still want a chance
make a slight confession
get a response n act accordingly
take it or leave it

Fatoumatta said...

i really hate men that so feel they have to be in control...

Rayo said...


Biana said...

You write very well.