Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just for me

Him: What do you want from me? I can't keep up with your games, Cat

Me: (slow chuckle) I am suprised you don't already know.

Him: Like I said, I am not into games. And I am confused as to why you are choosing to play them.

Me: Before I tell you, you have to promise to give it to me.

Him: I cannot promise what I am unsure of. You know that and neither will you.

Me: Then, I cannot tell you

Him: Then, I guess that's it.

Me: OK

Him: Fine, I don't care. You want it...whatever it is, so it is your loss

Me: How do you know?

Him: (Pauses, watches me) I don't. You won't say and I am not going to guess

Me: Fine...*sighing*

Him: What is it?

Me: Nothing

Him: Then why are you sighing like that

Me: I have the right to expel air any which way I like

Him: Suit yourself

Me: Fine. I am going home.

Him: So we are back to where we started?

Me: Actually no. I thought you'd be chicken but now I am sure. So u see, I have made some progress

Him: (silence)

Me: If looks could kill (chuckling)

Him: Catwalq!...

Me: Damn, u r pissed. Why?

Him: @#^%!

Me: Excuse you? I am going to assume that's not at me

Him: (sighing) Where is this going? We are beating about the bush. You keep saying you want something mature. I can't give you what you want unless you tell me what it is. U know you are not the simpering type and U know that type is not my type either. For the last time, what do you want?

Me: ....

Him: Hun?

Me: Release.

Him: Release?

Me: Release...for my body and my fantasies. Nothing more...for now and nothing less.

Him: ok...?

Me: You give me you and I give you me. We see just how explosive it all can be...i mean, the sparks are all there to see.

Him: Are you rhyming?

Me: No

Him: Carry on

Me: Next weekend, I am free. We can go where ever you choose and create whatever we feel like. The weekend is just what it is...a weekend. You, me and clean sheets...don't look at me like that. You say, you want me to be blunt...

Him: That you have always been

Me: Then, what is the problem

Him: Why?

Me: It's something that I want. Just for me.

Him: And me?

Me: Oh, I am open to whatever...just don't expect some circus-trapeze-swinging-type-shit. And I don't do excessive pain. A spank, ok; show up with a laddle and I will use it on you and your ancestry.

Him: (laughs)....just this weekend?

Me: For now, yes


Anonymous said...

love the way u worked his mind..
good for u babe. it makes u happy? rock on!

יש (Yosh) said...


diary of a G said...

I don't know what to say
but I like it better when you are BLUNT and don't Beat about the bush

and I respect you for writing about this before it happens

get em girl

Anonymous said...

Please be careful catwalq. You are heading into unchartered territory. Be sure to bring a compass, and leave a trail so you can find your way out if necessary.

LurLar said...

Really nice you told him how u felt!!!

100%Lighty said...

isnt it beautiful coming to a compromise? uhhhhhhhhhhhh.

catwalq said...

Geisha: yes, i am happy with this set up

Yosh: :D? what's that

@D.O.G: before it happens?...??? I don't follow

@Anonymous; nothing ventured, nothing gained. The most prescribed path is usually not the best cos it's too crowded and no longer exciting.

@Lurlar: yup. yup, yup

@100%:yes it is. also, sometimes you have to take charge

Orientatednaijababe said...

First time here, i think i will have to read ur previous posts to fully understand what is goin on. But i like what i have read already

Awoof said...

Wow, I wish I was as blunt and as bold as you, young lady... That conversation which you had in a few minutes, would have lasted for me an average of 6 months plus some e-mails, texts, accusations, gifts and threats thrown in. I marvel at how people like you can be so straight-forward.

As regards my blog, walahi talai, this is the longest drought it will experience. Henceforth, I shall update more regularly as I am finally at a place where I call home. Take care...

Vera Ikeji said...

Go girl!

Teediva said...

update jo.

Black Wasp said...

hmmm..I do like this..It's simple and beautiful...

Being blunt is wot I love most..I have always been a sucker for blunt!

@awoof: cut to the chase's easier when said blunt!