Thursday, March 22, 2007


Now, I really need someone to respond to this blog.
Why is there an extension on the ridiculous MTV show: My Sweet Sixteen now, My Super Sweet Twenty-one.
As a struggling student, I have watched with a certain degree of disgust as upper class America over indulges the most ill mannered, ignorant and selfish teenage brats with parties and cars that even adults twice their age cannot afford to have.
I think what saddens me most about the whole thing is that these teens always say throughout the show " This is the best party/ gift/ car/ night/ whatever of my life". And you know what, something tells me that for most of them, it is never going to get any better. I mean what tops getting a Mercedes SL 550 Roadster at sixteen? I had to go check out the Mercedes website just to be sure I had heard that the car cost more than $50,000.
I am not sure what the producers were thinking and each episode gets even more disgusting as the next teen tries to outdo the previous show. Trips abroad to buy dresses are quite mundane and being rude to hired professionals seems like a major requirement to get your episode aired.
Ask me why I watch the show...I don't. I usually return from the architecture design studio at about 2 am in the morning and turn on the television for some muted light in my room.
Contrary to my friend's thinking, I am not allergic to lights. It's just that after sitting hunched over a desk for hours with efflorescent lighting burning down on me, I want some boudoir-esque lighting when I undress and get ready for bed. Thus, the television and thus MTV at 2/3 am in the morning - time for silly teenage reruns.
Another show, I actually watch when I catch it is, THE HILLS. I am still trying to figure out how these girls make the money they so much like to spend. And most of the guys sound slightly retarded and juvenile. i guess that is the appeal for Caucasian post-teen females.
I think I am going to the circus this weekend. It has apparently rolled into town. But I also need to get my hair done. what am I going to do?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Did anyone see?

Did anyone see the BET Rip The Runway Show?
It sucked. I just attended the Howard University African Students Association Fashion Show NOIRE and that was much better than the lame and poorly choreographed show. It was so ghetto, I was disgusted. I guess that is what u get when u have a music video director direct a fashion show.
I finally was able to watch it as I am enjoying the struggling student's version of a spring break: remaining on campus and attending free events all over DC.
Yesterday, I went to see Courttia Newland at Georgetown University. First of all, if you do not have a car do not go to GU. There is no metro accessing there. It is like some old village. Got stares, my friends and I as we walked up two hils to get to the hall where the reading was to occur. I guess the site of us immediately alerted them to the fact that the black quota had been extremely exceeded.
So Courttia, a male writer from England ( the name is quite misleading) read from one of his books. I forgot that I was shocked that he was short and instead immersed myself totally in the quite seductive tone of his lilting british accent. I was so mesmersized, I spent $18.00 of the remaining $28.00 dollars in my checking account to by one of his books which I have fallen on with much ardour. So ladies and gentlemen, while I look for money for school and a job, I am reading THE SCHOLAR by COURTTIA NEWLAND. And it is bollocking good...or something british like that. Plus, I got two free t-shirts.
Still no holler-backs on the dubai anyone listening

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

what i have learned

what are some of the things i have learned since my arrival in the states?
1. Americans have food but do not know what to do with it. If it has salt, it is spicy.
2. they eat everything with cheese: picture chicken and cheese; it is nasty looking, nasty smelling, nasty tasting and Americans love it.
3. Americans do not know where Africa is or that it is not a country
4. They are very "PATRIOTIC". That is why i write this blog under a different name so I do not get deported
5. Race is always an issue.
6. As a people they must have made God angry because he rewarded them with about four months of snow
7. You cannot get anything without credit and you cannot get credit without anything
8. They have loans for everything that you cannot get for anything
9. You can sue the clock manufacturing company if you slept through the alarm10. you can sue the brewery for your DUI
11. They loose weight on their on their diets because the food is even more tasteless than before...thus, they do not eat.
12. Anything with zero calories tastes like feet
13. Raising a child in this country is left to the internet, Nickolodeon and Disney
14. Don't offer to hold someone's child for them. You will be arrested for pedophillia. And if you are an African man, don't even dare to buy treats for a crying child (like you would at home to get them to stop crying): it interprets that YOU are the CAUSE for the "tears" and that you are trying to lure the child away for more "crying"
15. Only African Americans spank their children, beyond the view of security cameras
16. there is therapy for everything and support groups of every kind. Even blogging
17. I am in love with whoever created HBO
18. Desperate Housewives is a reality show. i have seen the people they play
19. Sex is not an issue. It is the only issue
20. Fourteen year olds know much more about sex than I do but nothing about its repercussions which I seem to have a lexicon of information of
.21. Race determines neighbourhood and in turn what amenities are available to you. Par example: DC buses stink, VA buses don't. DC buses stop for you where you ask, VA buses.....would you even dare to ask?
22. There is nothing on the news
23. There is really nothing on the local news
24. The "hungry" look is considered sexy.
25. White women do not have butts. they buy it from the plastic surgeon
26. Black people are usually me. I am supposed to be researching something for my class and I am here blogging. Have to go...the man is coming: to hold me down
(27. That's a common thought among lazy black people)

Once More

I had to start another blog because I all so brilliantly cannot access the other one I made, So I am going to cut and paste unto this one and hopefully I will be fine
Don't ask me why I cannot access the others, ask blog spot

Hello All,
I am formally announcing my arrival to the world of blogging. I am here to share with the world the knowledge I have amassed in the twenty three years of my existence.
I have however a few goals for the next year; and this blog will chronicle my successes and successes (obviously i refuse to entertain otherwise0 as I strive towards the attainment of these goals.
1. I need a job: Living in America is bloody expensive and someone somewhere thinks that as a foreigner I am going to be stealing jobs away from Americans if I work. Really? from what I have seen on tv, most of you cannot do the work that i do and I definitely know that the demographic in which I fall as an architecture student is not that wide that someone will be starving if some architect gives me his construction drawings to red line instead of them.

2. I want to go to the UAE for a year abroad and I am looking for sponsorship because according to my calculations, the cost of tuition is an extra six or seven thousand dollars more than the US. So ask me, if you are so broke, why go. Two reasons:
I am looking for an oil Sheik to become mistress to and
I am looking for an oil Sheik to become mistress to.
I am sure somehow, I will be educated coz actually I think I do have to stay in school to remain in the country but just think how cute I will be with 18 carat jewelry.
If you actually know anyone that might be interested in sending an African to the UAE, holler at your girl.
Just leave out the mistress part. tell them something along the lines of a cultural experience, the goodness of mankind, helping someone build a future et cetera et cetera...whatever rubs their Buddha.
So, we shall see in the days to come, if anyone at all does read this blog and can hook a sister up.