Friday, September 28, 2007

EASTERN PROMISES....therapy here I come

So, I got up and dragged one of my best girlfriends and decided that we would do something that did not entail either one of us lamenting about the varying issues in our lives. We got on the metro, rushed to Potbelly's were we bout two sandwhiches to take into the theatre (hey, unless u have some spicy chicken wings or spicy food or sweetened popcorn, I am bringing in my own food), rushed to the theatre to find our first choice sold out. So, after a ridiculous game of rock paper scissors, we settled on

I must say that this was the first time that I actually felt disturbed by a film. I thought I was going to be plunged into a romantic tale about the russian mafia where the villains have heart and the codes of the familia are not necessarily wrong, just not understood by average society.
I can say that while I might have contemplated dating a don or two, I am not interested in meeting or identifying a member of the russian mob. Immediately the movie was over, almost the entire room rose as one and hurried from the hall, trying not too appear as jarred as they actually were.
Now that I am home, warmer (cos I dressed inappropriately for the weather...forgot it would get colder as the evening wore on and forgot to take a sweater) and listening to some soothing new age music from my Narada collection, I can say that the movie was quite good. The characters were raw and unapologetic and the leading female was unabashedly naive and romantic (you know, the type that sees the flowers and rainbows in everything).
I will recommend the movie for you if you have a string stomach. the gore is plentiful and sudden. You might cry out for your I did...hey, I no dey shame that kain thing. Why I go dey demo when I get mama?
Any ways, I am about to enjoy my weekend and hope you do the same

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I went to see a free movie (yeah, sue me) out of Indonesia. Berbagi Suami (Love for Share) was an interesting presentation of three stories revolving around polygamy in Indonesia. Three women, Salma, Siti and Ming were profiled in three interconnecting stories that portrayed in what I must call a humane side of polygamy. Gone were the exaggerated theatrics employed in Nigerian films to tackle the issue that they in the end fail to either indicate is bad or good.

I loved the movie. Loved the stories, the characters, the footage, the soundtrack and did not mind that the movie seemed lengthier than 120 minutes. The best part was the question and answer session where the director who had been brought in by the association of southeast Asian countries in celebration of thirty years of good relationship with the United States.

Back to the movie. While it was not my first south east Asian flick (those who know me must know that I am a die hard Bollywood addict and I have dabbled in a Thai hit here and there) it was my first out of Indonesia and I must confess I imagined I was going to have to sit through a production much similar to the likes of which spewed out by our spare-parts-dealers-turned-film-producers. I was so surprised at the quality of the movie. The sound was amazing and the camera angles were well used.

I was so intrigued about this award winning film that I had to go google it. How is it that a country whose economy mirrors ours and has a movie industry even younger and less experienced than ours in Nigeria, produce flicks that have depth and direction. I think it is because their industry is run by trained storytellers. The director informed us that she researched her script for over a year before even thinking of casting. And that was all born out the curiosity created when she was introduced to her driver's second wife. I have heard alot of jokes about Nigerian directors and script writers who decide the next project's concept over the pounded yam lunch in between takes. I have no issue with that...if at least six months is devoted to digging in depth into the concept, researching and documenting the finds. They might find better insights and make films that we Nigerians abroad will feel unashamed and skeptical about inviting our friends to see with us. You don't know how many times my friends have come asking for dvds to watch, seen my film collections and I have to lie about lack of subtitles (which usually is true for Yoruba films) or that the disk is scratched (very plausible even of it is supposed to be new) or it is not working (again another possibility).....come to think of it, I don't even have to lie.

For the directors out there using film as their medium of communication, please take some time to put together your projects. The same way you will not leave your house half dressed don't send your projects out into the world have made. Research your stories. Leave your opinions out of it (I am tired of the self gratifying movies made my ignorant and chauvinistic men that paint outspoken and forward thinking women as immoral or religious fanatics that tout their faith...not everyone is of a majority faith and it is extremely annoying) and get those who know how to do it t work with you. It takes time but wouldn't you rather have a lasting quality product?

I would.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Borrowed from Nyemoni

Accent: Yoruba Brit on Crack..

Booze: Don't drink

Chore I Hate: I am lazy, so everything

Dogs/Cats: Neither

Essential electronics: TV( that has its own DVD and VCR player), a sound system, a computer (if that constitutes an electronic gadget...+all its accessories

Favourite Perfume: Right now, Armani Code, Estee Lauder's Intuition and Moschino's I love love...also, just tried on a Burberry Classic. It was lovely

Gold/Silver: Silver.

Hometown: Lagos Island, Lagos State

Insomnia: Not possible

Job title: Very Soon; Architect/ Developer and Entrepreneur

Kids: Not on my list of things to have now

Living arrangements: Useless dorm but my room is sweet…

Most admired trait: People have complimented my go-to personality, the way I talk, and that I am easy to talk to

Number of sexual partners: Male or female?

Overnight hospital stays: Diarrhea. The doctor on call was so cute it was illegal and he did not mind my leaky butt

Phobia: Smells and Failure

Quote: "Every thought, word, or action either purifies you or pollutes you." Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader, Eckankar. So which is it going to be?

Religion: Eckankar

Siblings: 1 brother. Very annoying but he can have my left kidney anytime.

Time I usually awake: When I am late for class

Unusual talent: I’ve still not discovered it…

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Most caucasian inspired squash.

Worst habit: Procrastination + Exageration = Disaster

X-rays: To get into secondary school and college. Many, as an out patient at Igbobi.

Yummy foods I make: Ogbono, itsekiri style. Efo riro. Okra. Yam Pottage

Zodiac sign: Libra!!! We rock

Play list: Tal, by Trapezoid.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I need a topic to blog on.
Oya, donate...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Just for me

Him: What do you want from me? I can't keep up with your games, Cat

Me: (slow chuckle) I am suprised you don't already know.

Him: Like I said, I am not into games. And I am confused as to why you are choosing to play them.

Me: Before I tell you, you have to promise to give it to me.

Him: I cannot promise what I am unsure of. You know that and neither will you.

Me: Then, I cannot tell you

Him: Then, I guess that's it.

Me: OK

Him: Fine, I don't care. You want it...whatever it is, so it is your loss

Me: How do you know?

Him: (Pauses, watches me) I don't. You won't say and I am not going to guess

Me: Fine...*sighing*

Him: What is it?

Me: Nothing

Him: Then why are you sighing like that

Me: I have the right to expel air any which way I like

Him: Suit yourself

Me: Fine. I am going home.

Him: So we are back to where we started?

Me: Actually no. I thought you'd be chicken but now I am sure. So u see, I have made some progress

Him: (silence)

Me: If looks could kill (chuckling)

Him: Catwalq!...

Me: Damn, u r pissed. Why?

Him: @#^%!

Me: Excuse you? I am going to assume that's not at me

Him: (sighing) Where is this going? We are beating about the bush. You keep saying you want something mature. I can't give you what you want unless you tell me what it is. U know you are not the simpering type and U know that type is not my type either. For the last time, what do you want?

Me: ....

Him: Hun?

Me: Release.

Him: Release?

Me: Release...for my body and my fantasies. Nothing more...for now and nothing less.

Him: ok...?

Me: You give me you and I give you me. We see just how explosive it all can be...i mean, the sparks are all there to see.

Him: Are you rhyming?

Me: No

Him: Carry on

Me: Next weekend, I am free. We can go where ever you choose and create whatever we feel like. The weekend is just what it is...a weekend. You, me and clean sheets...don't look at me like that. You say, you want me to be blunt...

Him: That you have always been

Me: Then, what is the problem

Him: Why?

Me: It's something that I want. Just for me.

Him: And me?

Me: Oh, I am open to whatever...just don't expect some circus-trapeze-swinging-type-shit. And I don't do excessive pain. A spank, ok; show up with a laddle and I will use it on you and your ancestry.

Him: (laughs)....just this weekend?

Me: For now, yes