Sunday, November 25, 2007

Movies, soundtrack and the female element

Before you start, I will like to invite you to check this out. To the women, feel free to share your stories about that part of your anatomy that brings us joy, pain, confusion and comfort. And to the men, feel free to analyse that which your pursuit of defines your life's decisions.

I love film. It presents a world into which I can immerse myself and experience something that at the time is beyond my reach. I watch films quite differently from the average person. I absorb the dialogue, I crtique the wardrobe, sample the music and adopt the characters as my own.
I am going to share some asian films that have in some way brought home the female element and why I love them. I am sharing Asian films because though I am Nigerian and come from a country that has a wide and influential film industry, there are no films, in my opinion that explore the complex relationships that make up our women or dare to showcase women how they really are or ought to be without catering to stereotypical roles that tell us that we have to as women cater to the man at the expense of our happiness, goals and identity.
These films are different and hold different meanings for me but in essence they explore the woman and her varying identities

I love this movie because it's story completely seduced me and engulfed my senses. I have even written a play in my mind that I call an ode to this film. The performances were gorgeous, the scenery beautiful, the music was haunting and beautiful in its subtlety.
It shared a complex story of a power play between two women and the men whose desires they fulfilled.

2. MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA : adapted from the book by Arthur Golden
I love this film because I fell in love with the book. Plus, I am in love with Ken Watanabe, the lead male character. The soundtrack was so beautiful, the costumes gorgeous and the rumoured scandal behind the film's leading ladies, scintillating. I have this on DVD and watch the bonus features on occassion as inspiration of how good I want my cinematography to be when I make my own movies.
The story is of a geisha in pre-second world war Japan and her journey towards becoming a renowned "artist" or geisha. I have always been fascinated by these women who walk the thin line between "kept woman" and entertainer

I don't want to go as far as say that I worship Deepa but in some ways I do. As a film maker, she has continously chosen to break convention and tell the stories that need to be told.
If you have not seen this film, you need to because it addresses a traditional practice that in most developing countries is still being practiced to day and that is the unfair and unrealistic treatment of widows. "Water" is told from the Indian perspective. With the introduction of the V-Monolugues, we too as Africans can tell ours and help put a stop to a useless and unjust abuse of the basic human rights of women.

4. DOR
DIRECTOR: Nagesh Kukunoor
This director is one of the main reasons why I began to believe that maybe I could make it in the film industry even if I did not go to film school. With a background in engineering, he turned around and went into film and his work gets progressively better with each installment
I love this film because it is about the connection that we women have. This sisterhood, sorority that we have to keep alive, celebrate and promote. The performances were very very good, the scenery was breathtaking and the music I just fell in love with. One of the songs "Yeh Hosla" is playing with this clip

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just Do It

So I have been going through some real difficult stuff in my life. Stuff that has caused me to question my relationship with God and my relationship with Him.
Somewhere in the midst of the chaos and confusion in my heart, I suddenly got the inspiration to just get off my arse and get the job done myself.
I have resolved that I will begin taking some steps. If I take one step and there is no more road, I will know that I have to back track and start in another direction- there are so many ways to get to Lagos Island besides the Third Mainland Bridge.
I have to stop waiting for someone to say "Hey Catwalq, there is the road." I wouldn't mind that, once I have started walking.
Wish me luck and look out. It's all about to happen.

Check out one of my odes to the designs that cater to my V Spot

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Where are you?

Where are you?
Don't you know that I am waiting to hear from you?
Don't you know that I all I look forward to in the hustle and bustle of the day is that time when the phone rings and your voice spills forth from the other end to caress me?
Don't you know that I have restructured my entire schedule to make time to conversate with you?
Don't you know I am so scared of myself now
I have checked all my sent messages...all to you
eighty percent of my calls...all to you
my naughtiest thoughts...all of you
My pseudo-diet plans...all for you
Call me
Tell me anything
I have become a walking cliche-d woman where I walk around and think of pink flowers and cotton candy
Of "his" and "hers" towels
That's what I am thinking about when my body is not pulsating at the mere thought of you
When I have to change my underwear as I have been drenched with the desire of you
Call me
Help my head calm down
Stop my mind from running riot
Give me something to hold on to
Where are you?
Where are you?
Don't you know?
That I love you?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Do you know?

Where can one get statistical research data/info on the Nigerian Film industry?
Rules and regulations?
Historical data?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I made up my own meme...twenty random things I am thinking

1. I feel so good right now. He told me I am the sexiest woman he has ever met. That's going to be my mantra as I work out this week

2. I am cooking fried rice right now

3. I have alot of work to do. Mostly because I procrastinated

4. I have to go get my things out of the dryer. Can't have impatient strangers handle my lovelies

5. I wonder what is on tv tonight. I am going to end up on either Current TV or IFC anyways

6. I love my bed. I am ignoring it right now though cos after I update this blog. I have to get cracking on my work.

7. I think I need to loose some serious inches on my waist.

8. I love blogging. I am in love with my blogville characters...

9. I learnt how to use a flat iron this weekend.

10. I have to post some important packages tomorrow.

11. Dang! I just realised I am out of plantain and so what will I eat my fried rice with.

12. I have salad cream so aha!

13. I wonder what other bloggers are doing.

14. I am going to start working on a movie script. I am convinced I can make a much better movie than anyone currently out there on the Nigerian market.

15. Why did my mummy not call me today?

16. I hope my brother is alright. I miss him bugging me. I miss my daddy too but right now I really miss Omo Mummy

17. I have to think of things to make up the random twenty points. Why didn't I pick ten or fifteeen?

18. What is that smell? Jisoz!!! My rice

19. It's ok. I am paranoid

20. Like I said, I am feeling very sexy today...but I am going to eat some of this food even though it is 9.00 pm at night...

So, like most people who do memes, you have to tag some people. So I don't get beat up at the Blogville Townhall Meeting for missing out anyone, I thus invite you, the reader to tag yourself and feel free to use this as a post.
But you have to indicate that you are using it so I can come check yours out.
Have a wonderful week.