Wednesday, October 3, 2007

23 is the new 16....

Today I am 23. Oct 4th. Officially
Don't know how the post shows yesterday when I did it this morning.
I am optimistic about this new year of my life.
In so many ways, when I was younger, where I am today is not where I thought I would be.
It has all been a blessing sha and I am grateful.
Imagine all those that never got a chance to see their tenth birthday not to talk of their twentieth.
I guess I am now counting down to 30. Psyches.
Have a great day all.


Ali said...

wow...very interesting site, thank you!!


23 is the new 16, huh? well, me like the snippets of pix. keep it coming!!

diary of a G said...

a lIE CATWALQ has a birthday too.

happy birthday girrrrrl

party in ur domn room tonight
til the break a dawn
or whatever

all my best wishes
I'll smoke a blunt for ya
naw seriously

enjoy urz day girrrrl

LurLar said...

Happy Belated buffday!!! Wishing u all the good things in life.

יש (Yosh) said...

Happy belated birthday!

On the post below:

Therapy ke? For what?

Hope all is well...


Lighty said...

happy belated kitty, have a good one.

Nwanyi Ocha said...

A bit late, but

Happy Birthday Dear

Anonymous said...

my sexy binsh.. love you