Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lace & Adire II

She lives in Friendship Heights. In a condo that was converted from an old apartment that was once inhabited by a famous DC socialite. I guess that is interesting. I am only interested how much it is going to cost my derriere to get to and from her place in the rush of a working day.

It has been agreed. I will come once during the week. On Wednesday. So her weekly schedule will run from one Wednesday to the next. Then on Saturday, I pick up dry cleaning, drop off the next batch, make sure the maid does the clean up like she likes it, cross check all appointments ("work related" or otherwise) etc. I am kind of a glorified maid but at the amount I am paid, I am considered an "assistant". And I am loving it.

I think the concierge at the apartment knows what she does or at least has an idea of what the nature of her job is. And I think he imagines me to be her protege or something. He looked at me funny when I went and I looked at him funny, right back. Caucasian Negro. Mssstsststhw!!

I have to go to Sensuale to pick up her package. From what I know Sensuale to be, I guess we have a new shipment of "accessories".

I have homework. I have to learn to drive. This is going to be an interesting couple of months.


Anonymous said...

glad u got it babe.
it sounds kinda fun?

cally-waffybabe said...

Yep, you need to learn how to drive real fast babe, cos this sounds like one helluva interesting job!!!

Anonymous said...

lmao... shootttttttttttttttttt

teediva said...

wow! lots more gist for us, hurrah!

Queen of My Castle said...

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and your ends seem to justify your means. Congrats on not being broke anymore babes! That's a wonderful feeling.

Lighty said...

now, it actually sounds fun. lol! make the best outta it, make sure u dont be joining the business tho. alright????

p.s make sure u let us in on any findings, e.g celebrity gossip, lets know who is ... ur boss lawl! lol.