Friday, September 28, 2007

EASTERN PROMISES....therapy here I come

So, I got up and dragged one of my best girlfriends and decided that we would do something that did not entail either one of us lamenting about the varying issues in our lives. We got on the metro, rushed to Potbelly's were we bout two sandwhiches to take into the theatre (hey, unless u have some spicy chicken wings or spicy food or sweetened popcorn, I am bringing in my own food), rushed to the theatre to find our first choice sold out. So, after a ridiculous game of rock paper scissors, we settled on

I must say that this was the first time that I actually felt disturbed by a film. I thought I was going to be plunged into a romantic tale about the russian mafia where the villains have heart and the codes of the familia are not necessarily wrong, just not understood by average society.
I can say that while I might have contemplated dating a don or two, I am not interested in meeting or identifying a member of the russian mob. Immediately the movie was over, almost the entire room rose as one and hurried from the hall, trying not too appear as jarred as they actually were.
Now that I am home, warmer (cos I dressed inappropriately for the weather...forgot it would get colder as the evening wore on and forgot to take a sweater) and listening to some soothing new age music from my Narada collection, I can say that the movie was quite good. The characters were raw and unapologetic and the leading female was unabashedly naive and romantic (you know, the type that sees the flowers and rainbows in everything).
I will recommend the movie for you if you have a string stomach. the gore is plentiful and sudden. You might cry out for your I did...hey, I no dey shame that kain thing. Why I go dey demo when I get mama?
Any ways, I am about to enjoy my weekend and hope you do the same


Vipin said...

Want some extra ordinary audio & video ringtones.

Black Wasp said...

Some review there....Haven't seen the movie but the picture I saw up there got me bending my neck upwards..I even turned my lappy upside

Would it be right to say that the profile and the li'l preview up here mean your are ready to be un-veiled!?

Love this blog too..I still don't know how you guys cope with so many!

azuka said...

So what happened to the sandwiches? Did you eat them before the gore?

diary of a G said...

definetly not an ugly Betty?
like them ur white pants

Rayo said...

Gosh, I want to see it again.

Atutupoyoyo said...

Hey boo. I have been dying to see this as Cronenberg is one of my fave directors. His styles is well......not to everyone's taste so I am not surprised that many people were turned off. I mean did you ever see Crash? (the 1996 version) He does manage to evoke very intense performances from his leads though.

By the way is there anymore room for me in those pants? :-)

zerkhezi said...

hi, actually saw this movie about an hour ago. Remember the scene where Anna's uncle stefan says 'black men always run' and ' you shouldn't mix blood, that's why your baby died inside u'? the whole audience at the cinema tured to stare at me. Meanwhile, my mouth was gaping wide open. The directness of it was shocking. good movie though.