Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I do not know if you are familiar with this picture/post and ensuing hulla-balloo I am sorry that I have not yet figured out how to make short links to other posts. However:

Dare Obasanjo ( son of our about-to-be ex president) posted a picture of a domestic servant in the employ of his father at the presidential villa. the man looked dejected and deprived. the room in which he sat lacked even the most basic amenities required to make a room look like it was lived in. A mattress covered with a faded sheet of floral fabric lay on the floor and the man sat next to it under a window. In the caption under the picture, Dare referred to him as a "servant". The world took notice and people in blog ville started shouting.

I was not surprised that he had called the man a servant. The word servant has been made derogatory by man. God is the greatest servant of all but man has succeeded in dehumanising those who are in his service.

What I was more surprised about was that a servant living in our presidential villa looked like a homeless person and that Dare's comment on the backlash following the posting was that he hoped he had given people a chance to vent and that he was amused that they were all so concerned even though they had "abandoned their country".

I am glad this is a blog because in that one moment of reading that statement, resentment and disgust flooded my insides. I was not angry at him but rather at myself and the rest of my brethren. When we let thieves and rogues populate our senate, house of assemblies and gubernatorial positions, destroy our infrastructure and cause us to become second class citizens in foreign lands in our quest for peace and better futures, what do we expect as intellect from one of their children?

His father likes to think that he has done a lot of good and taken our country to another level. Yes he has. He has surrounded himself with alot of ass-kissing criminals that shade his view of how much the country has fallen apart and promoted the legalization of corruption. He is never quite aware of the gravity of the situation. Does anyone remember January 2002 when the explosions happened at the Barracks in Lagos and our dear president showed up surrounded by his retinue of imbecilic ministers and protocol officers completely decked in expensive lace to shout at the devastated families that he did not need to be there when they bombarded him with their cries of distress. Twenty minutes later, he was whisked away to another part of the country where he was wined and dined to the glory of his position and it was only when he saw the backlash that he was given a complete picture of what had happened and he issued a public apology. He has always had an over inflated view of himself (claiming he had to wait for God's directive to run for re-election; is he the only one that talks to God?) and so he has been easy to push to the role of a figurehead kept complacent and occupied with people who come to heap false praises at his feet. I wonder when he realised that he was seriously disgracing himself and his country taking international trips like no business and did any one ever hear the gists of Stella's pilferring.

Dare might not know and then again he might. Irrespective, he has been desensitized towards the bigger picture which is shame because I know for a fact that his father started off as a soldier and thus was not always wealthy. What makes me panic is that it is people like him that will be handed the reigns of the country by all their connections whilst those of us that really want to make a difference and just simply want a country where your efforts are rewarded equally and your aspirations have a chance of being realised.

My parents really were not going to send me abroad. The money was not there and at this moment, it still isn't and our prayers always ask for a legal miracle. After my mother witnessed how I was blackballed at my JAMB examination because I refused to pay the invigilators, she saw how futile her and my father's efforts to raise my brother and I in Nigeria to be upstanding and honest citizens were going to be. I left with money generated from the sale of our only house. I left as the older one to try and make a way for my family. I did not desert my country. It had no future ahead for me if at one point in time, I did not want to be caught up in social infrastructure failure, corruption and bribery, sexual harassment with no laws to defend my honour, marriage to fufil societal obligations and an every day struggle. I left because I wanted to know that there was a place were effort was rewarded in its exact proportions.

The white man's land is not really better. It has very little history that was not dependent upon the destruction and sabotage of others.

I am going to return. I only beg God that when I do, I do not have to deal with the Dare Obasanjos, his father's generation or others of the same breed of ignorance and self serving attitudes


racquelle-cutie said...

him,his father and their family are a great disgrace to our country i hope amadiora strikes all of them for what they have done to nigeria

racquelle-cutie said...

oh yeah thanks also for stopping by my blog.i truly appreciate it and i apologise gor the anon dilemma

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

wow.. excellent post.. really excellent writing.
i paticulary like this statement below.. how true.. it is us humans that attach meanings to words..

"The word servant has been made derogatory by man."

its also true what you say about Obasanjo.
A lot of people belive that we should honour him because he did some good. such as bring communication to our country etc. But In many ways, i think he was worse than a lot of the others, because while he was stepping on all Nigerians, he was asking us if we were ok.. Its like a thief that comes into a house, kills all the children, and spares one.. Honour indeed.. good riddance to him and his cronies.. nonsense..

i really like this post.

diary of a G said...

i really like this post.

Linda Ikeji said...

I really dont know what the story is with dare and calling someone a servant.Servant is a derogatory word, he probably didnt mean any harm when he said, sometimes we make a slip unconsciously and b4 we realise it alot of people have seen it and its hard to retract it.Im not here in defence of dare, dont know him...but please when we are talking about someone's FATHER, lets be careful what we say. Obasanjo might be our president but he's Dare dad. No one wants to see their father insulted...
Racquelle-Cutie, that was too harsh. Was that necessary? If you dont like OBJ list the reasons...dont curse him with amadiora...somebody's father?common people!it's not nice!

catwalq said...

Thanks guys for stopping by
@Linda Ikeji: I agree that insults might be unwarrated but sometimes it is necessary to bring someone off their high horse by showing them what the world's rea perception of them is. The Obasanjos have been led to believe that our president has done alot. I say, he has brought more problems than he has solved them and his children are clear example of how disconnectd he is from the realities of the country

Kpakpando said...

if and when you go back home, pray that you don't get distracted by life in Nigeria and maintain this passion for country.


I reserve my comments for Dare Obansanjo - but I do believe his ignoramus behind was as a result of him being a son of an ignoramus father!!! To denigrate one's employee whose father's failed economic policies (if any) have reduced to the lowest of the lows, is despicable and vile and should be utterly condemned!

To Obansanjo, I can only paraphrase my previous comments about him -
To have this man elected (sorry, imposed by politricks) as the leader of the most populous black African nation in the world is a slap to us Nigerians. On what criteria would any sane human being associate the Obasanjo presidency with? Exemplary and visionary? Leadership? Please!!! Were he equipped with a sense of decency, Obasanjo would long have recognized that both his military and civilian regimes were failures and hoisting his mediocre accomplishments (if any) as works of unparalleled genius and reforms was shear irony . Had he a sense of shame, he would have being modest when his political party, on the strength of his lack lustre performance, broached dressing him in the robe of founder of modern Nigeria.
Glad Obansanjo is retiring back to Otta farm in ignominy come May 29th – good riddance! And PUFF, begone 'Son of Botch' the Dare's of this world!!!

The Pseudo-Independent said...

On the Obasanjos' I had no idea about Dare until very recently. Over the years, I have only heard of Gbenga. Thanks for the links and info. Ill be back.

OhSnap said...

Pure jokes. Everyone I know in lagos has SERVANTS. And so what? Blood thirsty idiots.

pam said...

adore your writting. you are truly awesome and i hope to watch your bollyhollynollywood extravaganza soonest. love pam