Monday, April 23, 2007

My laptop and I

My laptop and I began our relationship in 2005. We have been through so much together over the past two years and he has put up with alot from me. He has borne the burden of running at least four cad softwares at the same time. Stayed up 48 hrs straight with me and apart from a few hiccups and colds, my baby has stood by me.

Last month, despite contracting an inhibiting virus and being in need of a transfusion, my baby limped along and worked with me to produce my project.
Today, my baby has gone deaf. His speakers are out and even when I connect headphones to him, there is no sound because the connection's grip is cracked. What have I done to my baby? I know I have fallen asleep and spilled glue all over his keys, slapped the monitor all the way backwards, dropped the bag in which he is carried, downloaded unspeakable images and videos unto his memory (and probably scarred him for life), listened to the same song over and over and over (and I mean song not songs), neglected him when I had no homework, shut him down abruptly because I was impatient with his speed of response but now I am so lonely without him.
Well he is fully functional oh (don't let me sepe for myself and he will kukuma pack up and refuse to work...he has done that before; and I need him. Have finals meeen) but he cannot speak to me and I cannot hear him.
Thus, in design class today, I had no choice but to listen to the sounds of the world around me. Sounds that previously, I would have blocked out with my pilot style Bose headphones.
I was wondering why I was having a headache and then I realised that instead of listening to Ali Angel croon to me in french (which I do not speak) or Minmi
perform in Japanese ( also cannot speak but I will learn if it means I get to jump Ken Watanabe's
bones); I was listening to my classmates singing out loud in many tones and pitches that resembled nothing of what the original songs were.
So, I am lonely and waiting for the DELL tech guy (who is apparently based in INDIA) to send out a tech dispatch to someone in the states to come and fix my laptop.
Till then, my sweet, we can only see we cannot speak.
They should sha hurry up.