Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So I got a call today about getting my laptop fixed. Missed the call and called the guy back. Then came the call from DELL from tech support which is apparently in India. You know that your company is the shit when your customer service reps are in another country and English is their second language.

So, I was trying to find out if it was the same guy i had initially spoken to and to whom I had been unneccessarily rude so that I could apologise when before I knew it, I was embroildered in a conversation of one of my guilty pleasures: BOLLYWOOD. I found myself talking for almost ten minutes with this guy whose name I don't know, swapping critics of films I had seen.

The next thing, the desi asks if he can log into my computer from India ( they can apparently do that so they can fix whatever is wrong). Idiot (me) too replied yes, thinking that since the initial conversation had begun about a fault with the computer, then that was what he was trying to get back to.

He then asks me if I had pictures of myself on my laptop.....ALARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I clumsily warded him off using the excuse that as a design student, most of the pictures on my laptop would be of my projects and scanned floor plans. This guy tells me that he will check me out on FACEBOOK.

So, guys, if you do not hear from me it is because I have been kidnapped and taken to Bangalore/Calcutta/New Delhi/ Mumbai or wherever the desi is residing.

Lesson: No unnecessary conversations to people you do not know. i guess I was uncharacteristically (hope that is the correct spelling) in need of a conversation.

Till next time, NAMASTE


Aworan said...

Don't get me started on Dell. I had problems and half when I got the XPS 2 years ago. As for call centres in India, I tend to get transferred to Bangalore/Chennai. I tend to throw them off when I speak to them in Tamil. They know not to mess with me!! :-)

Since you love Bollywood alot, you should go down to India. It was the best time I had in ages!

akin aworan

catwalq said...

u went?
am so jealous

Aworan said...

Yep. Was there for a month. Spent half the month in South with the missus, then took a train to Rajastain, then drove to Dehli and took another train to Mumbai.. God willing, I'm going there in December.

akin aworan

Mr.Fineboy said...
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Mr.Fineboy said...

LMAO! Ah ah...the dude crossed the line oh! I woulda warned his pankari ass! Nice post hun, welcome to blogville!

PS..deleted earlier cos i discovered a typo..lol

Rayo said...

HAHA!! He didn't say his name was "Bob" or "John" or "Chris" or some other generic American name? They usually do that, so one day I asked the guy for his name, he said "John," then I was like "no, I want your real name"...then he went into some long story about how Americans don't understand his name and blah blah blah...I had to interrupt him to ask whether he was going to stop talking and look at my computer or not.

...he never did tell me his real name...