Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Once More

I had to start another blog because I all so brilliantly cannot access the other one I made, So I am going to cut and paste unto this one and hopefully I will be fine
Don't ask me why I cannot access the others, ask blog spot

Hello All,
I am formally announcing my arrival to the world of blogging. I am here to share with the world the knowledge I have amassed in the twenty three years of my existence.
I have however a few goals for the next year; and this blog will chronicle my successes and successes (obviously i refuse to entertain otherwise0 as I strive towards the attainment of these goals.
1. I need a job: Living in America is bloody expensive and someone somewhere thinks that as a foreigner I am going to be stealing jobs away from Americans if I work. Really? from what I have seen on tv, most of you cannot do the work that i do and I definitely know that the demographic in which I fall as an architecture student is not that wide that someone will be starving if some architect gives me his construction drawings to red line instead of them.

2. I want to go to the UAE for a year abroad and I am looking for sponsorship because according to my calculations, the cost of tuition is an extra six or seven thousand dollars more than the US. So ask me, if you are so broke, why go. Two reasons:
I am looking for an oil Sheik to become mistress to and
I am looking for an oil Sheik to become mistress to.
I am sure somehow, I will be educated coz actually I think I do have to stay in school to remain in the country but just think how cute I will be with 18 carat jewelry.
If you actually know anyone that might be interested in sending an African to the UAE, holler at your girl.
Just leave out the mistress part. tell them something along the lines of a cultural experience, the goodness of mankind, helping someone build a future et cetera et cetera...whatever rubs their Buddha.
So, we shall see in the days to come, if anyone at all does read this blog and can hook a sister up.


kokolette said...

i'm 23 too!
let me know if you find that mistress position...lol