Thursday, March 22, 2007


Now, I really need someone to respond to this blog.
Why is there an extension on the ridiculous MTV show: My Sweet Sixteen now, My Super Sweet Twenty-one.
As a struggling student, I have watched with a certain degree of disgust as upper class America over indulges the most ill mannered, ignorant and selfish teenage brats with parties and cars that even adults twice their age cannot afford to have.
I think what saddens me most about the whole thing is that these teens always say throughout the show " This is the best party/ gift/ car/ night/ whatever of my life". And you know what, something tells me that for most of them, it is never going to get any better. I mean what tops getting a Mercedes SL 550 Roadster at sixteen? I had to go check out the Mercedes website just to be sure I had heard that the car cost more than $50,000.
I am not sure what the producers were thinking and each episode gets even more disgusting as the next teen tries to outdo the previous show. Trips abroad to buy dresses are quite mundane and being rude to hired professionals seems like a major requirement to get your episode aired.
Ask me why I watch the show...I don't. I usually return from the architecture design studio at about 2 am in the morning and turn on the television for some muted light in my room.
Contrary to my friend's thinking, I am not allergic to lights. It's just that after sitting hunched over a desk for hours with efflorescent lighting burning down on me, I want some boudoir-esque lighting when I undress and get ready for bed. Thus, the television and thus MTV at 2/3 am in the morning - time for silly teenage reruns.
Another show, I actually watch when I catch it is, THE HILLS. I am still trying to figure out how these girls make the money they so much like to spend. And most of the guys sound slightly retarded and juvenile. i guess that is the appeal for Caucasian post-teen females.
I think I am going to the circus this weekend. It has apparently rolled into town. But I also need to get my hair done. what am I going to do?