Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Did anyone see?

Did anyone see the BET Rip The Runway Show?
It sucked. I just attended the Howard University African Students Association Fashion Show NOIRE and that was much better than the lame and poorly choreographed show. It was so ghetto, I was disgusted. I guess that is what u get when u have a music video director direct a fashion show.
I finally was able to watch it as I am enjoying the struggling student's version of a spring break: remaining on campus and attending free events all over DC.
Yesterday, I went to see Courttia Newland at Georgetown University. First of all, if you do not have a car do not go to GU. There is no metro accessing there. It is like some old village. Got stares, my friends and I as we walked up two hils to get to the hall where the reading was to occur. I guess the site of us immediately alerted them to the fact that the black quota had been extremely exceeded.
So Courttia, a male writer from England ( the name is quite misleading) read from one of his books. I forgot that I was shocked that he was short and instead immersed myself totally in the quite seductive tone of his lilting british accent. I was so mesmersized, I spent $18.00 of the remaining $28.00 dollars in my checking account to by one of his books which I have fallen on with much ardour. So ladies and gentlemen, while I look for money for school and a job, I am reading THE SCHOLAR by COURTTIA NEWLAND. And it is bollocking good...or something british like that. Plus, I got two free t-shirts.
Still no holler-backs on the dubai anyone listening