Tuesday, May 20, 2008

14th and Serenity/ Falling in love again with Chiewetel

As I prepare for 14th and Serenity, I turn to my muses for inspiration. I thus put together my dollars and cents, ask for a student discount and sit down to immerse myself in the latest project of one my favourite actors and after two hours, I leave the cinema dazed and tantalised. I have fallen in love again with Chiewetel Ejiofor.

I fell once before after seeing KINKY BOOTS. That movie introduced me to a talent unlike any other and a young man destined to turn the world of film on its head. Since that project, he has participated in bigger and better ones using shining in whatever role he plays.

Tonight, he shone for me in RED BELT. He mesmerized me with the unwavering strength of his voice. I desired his presence. I wished for the same discipline and self control that he possessed. I wanted to be him. I wanted him.
The film is about a martial arts instructor who gets lured into the shady world of competitive fighting while he struggles to hold on to the principles that he holds.
I loved it and I will see it again.
Catwalq Grade: A+


Uzo said...

You should see him in Talk to Me with Don Cheadle...Pretty hot performance. Also in Dirty Pretty Things

chetablog said...

I hear Chewy will be playing the lead xter in the film adaptation of Adichie's Half of a Yellow Sun. This your blog always looks very glossy. What is the trick? :)